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GLASS by Rawcus with Marc Brew

15 Jul - 19 Jul, 2020

Internationally renowned choreographer Marc Brew teams up with the inimitable Rawcus Ensemble in new dance theatre work, GLASS. Fifteen diverse performers negotiate a constantly evolving performance space supported by the immersive sound of Jethro Woodward. Delving into dynamics of power, restriction, tenacity and ambition, this new work interrogates invisible edges, boundaries and...

SECURITY by Michele Lee. Directed by Bridget Balodis

5 Aug - 15 Aug, 2020

Stand. Watch. Protect. Repeat – but what happens when it all goes to shit? Working security is a shit-fight most days. It’s the female security guards at Thompson Security – Naz, Tribe and Joey – who work on the front-lines to keep it all in line. But when shit hits the fan, and the ‘team stud’ sexually assaults a wealthy female client, Naz, Tribe and Joey can’t muster the...

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