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GLASS by Rawcus

7 Jul - 11 Jul, 2021

Internationally renowned UK-based choreographer Marc Brew teams up with the inimitable Rawcus Ensemble in new performance work, GLASS. Thirteen performers negotiate an evolving performance space supported by an immersive soundscape. Delving into dynamics of power, restriction, tenacity and ambition, this new work interrogates invisible edges, boundaries and barriers. GLASS is an invitation...

NEW OWNER by Arielle Gray and Tim Watts

9 Jul - 10 Jul, 2021

From the creators of international smash hits THE ADVENTRUES OF ALVIN SPUTNIK: DEAP SEA EXPLORER and IT'S DARK OUTSIDE comes a sensitive show for all ages about loss, friendship and new beginnings. Bart is a boisterous puppy waiting to be chosen from the animal shelter. Mabel is a lonely widow, trying to fill the hole in her heart. The day they find each other I the beginning of a profound...

HYDRA by Double Water Sign

21 Jul - 31 Jul, 2021

The end of the world. The beginning of the next. The world has changed. There’s no fresh water and machines have taken all the jobs. Attempting to give his life meaning, Bowen signs up for an experimental medical procedure where ‘Heroes’ can be euthanised, donating their bodies’ water back to the community. Anita, his ‘Giving Consultant’, claims to be there just to ease his...

ARCHIMEDES WAR by Melissa Reeves. Directed by Susie Dee

10 Aug - 20 Aug, 2021

What happens when our games are about war, and war is played like a game? Fifteen-year-old Arki can’t shake the dead bodies of the players he’s killed in his online combat games. His mother takes him to a psychiatrist who thinks he has PTSD. In her quest to help her son, she turns to those involved in real world war afflictions. ARCHIMEDES WAR is a dark comedy exploring the...

SECURITY by Michele Lee. Directed by Ra Chapman

29 Sep - 9 Oct, 2021

Stand. Watch. Protect. Repeat – but what happens when it all goes to shit? Working security is a fight most days. It’s the female security guards at Thompson Security – Naz, Tribe and Joey – who work on the front-lines to keep it all in line. But the shit hits the fan when they witness the sexual assault of a wealthy female client. So life, and work, goes on. Same drill but...

NO MORE SUGAR, NO MORE TEA by Richard J Frankland

26 Oct - 30 Oct, 2021

NO MORE SUGAR, NO MORE TEA is a contemporary opera exploring the changes that take place when life is decimated by war: people become fringe dwellers, homeless, impoverished, and cultural authority is smashed to pieces. Told through letters from First Nations women during the First World War to their husbands and sons on the front, NO MORE SUGAR, NO MORE TEA navigates a time of heightened...