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REFERENCE MATERIAL by Alisdair Macindoe

14 Apr - 24 Apr, 2021

An irreverent dance work that asks, can artists compete with the internet? REFERENCE MATERIAL is a new dance work from choreographer, Alisdair Macindoe, exploring the process and history of dance making in the age of narcissism and digital interdependence. Sitting somewhere between a lecture, a stand-up show, a guided tour and a dance recital, REFERENCE MATERIAL is a chaotic and humorous...


21 Apr - 1 May, 2021

Nine young folk wade through the wasteland of the internet to find themselves. The internet is the Wild West. Persona in 2021 is post-ironic, post-truth, post and delete, pre-apocalypse and politically charged. It is freeing, it is constricting, it is genderbending/breaking/ignoring. It is Cardi, it is catfishers, it is completely new, it is Hype House, it is Rachel Dolezal, it is red vs....


1 May, 2021

Searching for the secular songs that were sung after church, Jessie Lloyd explores the day to day life on the missions, settlements and reserves through music. Presented as an acoustic trio, Jessie Lloyd takes audiences on a musical journey across Australia. She engages through intimate storytelling, moving harmonies and historical insights. Using humour and truth to share the voices of...


5 May - 15 May, 2021

Come in, find a spot, slip into something more comfortable. Let all those inhibitions go baby, we’re gonna get…pre-colonial. Join, proud Wiradjuri man Joel Bray and a talented team of collaborators including Carly Sheppard, Dan Newell  and Niharika Senepati for a flirty, occasionally filthy and deeply passionate look at the true history of sensuality ‘down under’. Through...

ARCHIMEDES WAR by Melissa Reeves. Directed by Susie Dee

9 Jun - 19 Jun, 2021

What happens when our games are about war, and war is played like a game? Fifteen-year-old Arki can’t shake the dead bodies of the players he’s killed in his online combat games. His mother takes him to a psychiatrist who thinks he has PTSD. In her quest to help her son, she turns to those involved in real world war afflictions. ARCHIMEDES WAR is a dark comedy exploring the...