RESTLESS by Nick James Archer

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There are places in which the body finds rest, yet these places also play host to periods of immense unrest. A pillow can be a place of calm, yet also a place of isolation, torment and sleepless nights. A chair can be a place that slows the body down to assist contemplation, or a place of incoherent thought.

The energy from psychosis and mania conditions the body and actively leaves traces upon its places of rest. Reflecting on the history of psychiatrist Dr John Cade’s work at Bundoora Homestead, this exhibition explores how Lithium carbonate acts as an agent for both body and place to feel at rest.

Please note, this exhibition contains sensitive content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Please use your discretion or ask our friendly gallery staff for more information.

Image: Nick James Archer, Pillow, 2020 Formed Copper, Lithium. Courtesy of the artist.


7 April - 26 June, 2021


11am - 4pm, Wednesday - Saturday


Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, 7 Prospect Hill Drive Bundoora VIC 3083




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