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In early 2020 a mysterious gold headed statue appeared in All Nations Park in Northcote under cover of darkness, much to the delight of local residents and traders. After a 12 month sojourn in the park, it is time for the Gold Head to find a new home. As agreed with the anonymous artists of this much-loved guerrilla artwork, Darebin Council is auctioning the statue for charity.

In light of current COVID restrictions in Victoria the auction will now occur online.

Enter your bid for the Gold Head statue and other Gold Head inspired prizes from the comfort of your couch via this link:

The auction will open for bids on Thursday 29 July at 5:30pm and will remain open for one week, closing on Thursday 5 August at 5:30pm.

It’s on for young and gold – get bidding!

All proceeds from the auction will go to Elizabeth Morgan House, who provide secure refuge accommodation and specialist family violence services to Aboriginal women and their children.

Click here to read the full story of the Gold Head guerilla artwork.



1. If I win the auction, can I keep Gold Head in All Nations Park?

Sadly, no. If you are the lucky winner, you will need to find a new home for our golden friend.


2.What happens to the Gold Head currently in All Nations Park?

The statue that is currently installed in All Nations Park will be de-installed and returned to the anonymous artists.


3. What is it made out of?

Contrary to popular belief, the head is not solid gold. The head is sand-cement mix poured into a plaster cast and painted gold. It is attached onto a plinth, made of a mysterious material we assume to be MDF.


4. What is the size and weight?

The total size is approximately 1405mm high x 305mm wide x 305mm wide x 300mm deep. (The head is sitting on a plinth of approx 1015mm high x 305mm wide x 300m deep). We estimate that the weight is less than 25kg, however is a bit awkward to carry due to the size. The winner of the auction will receive delivery in Victoria free of charge.


5. Which Gold Head is this?

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that there have been multiple variations of Gold Head. The one being auctioned is the OG. The Original. Numero Uno. The first Head which was damaged and removed. He has been restored to his original golden glory and is looking better than ever.


6. Can I buy the other Gold Heads?

If you are interested in purchasing any of the other Head sculptures, please contact and we will forward your details on to the artists.


7. How do I pay?

You can pay on the auction page, via Paypal or credit card. If this is a problem for you due to internet access, you can contact us directly and we can help you: (03) 9496 1060. Prizes will not be delivered until payment has been made.


8. Are there any other prizes?

Yes. There are three smaller, Gold Head-inspired prizes for auction as well.


9. How else can I contribute?

If you’re not able to buy the Head or alternative prizes, there are lots of ways to support Elizabeth Morgan House. If you’re able, we encourage you to make a donation via the auction site or on their website:



Image: Gold Head, photography by Tiny Empire


29 July - 5 August, 2021






1 week




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