Festivals in Darebin: The way forward

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Council is changing the way we deliver festivals and events in Darebin.

Our Discussion Paper “Future of Festivals: The way forward” proposes a new way of producing festivals and events in Darebin. The new model is based around two festival ‘seasons’ per year. Each season will showcase different art-forms, ideas, locations and community connections. The idea is to encourage more arts and creativity across more of the municipality. The new model is now available for comment and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Please take the time to visit Your Say Darebin to read more and fill out a short survey.

Festivals Workshop

We will be running a workshop in early May to consider how this model could work in reality. Please indicate if you are interested by visiting Your Say Darebin or contacting us on darebinarts@Darebin.vic.gov.au.

Photo of P-UniQue is by Nicole Cleary.




26 March - 24 April, 2019

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