AR Effect Launch! by Vidya Rajan, Cher Tan, Sashi Pereira, Evelyn Araluen, Margot Tanjutco

Event Details

Join us for a launch event on The City of Darebin’s insta account of a new AR Quiz Effect – Which City of Darebin Landmark Are You?

Hosted by Vidya Rajan, the launch will see four guest artists try on the new filter, and share readings and performances inspired by the themes of selfhood, place, technology, and being online.

Audience members are free to tune in any time. They may simply watch, but are also invited to participate via comments and questions on the Instagram live-stream! (which they can do through being signed in on their own Instagram account.)


Saturday, March 19th, 2 pm – 3 pm.



(drop into the live-stream by clicking the circular Darebin profile picture on the account page)

If you’ve been on Instagram stories – you’ve probably used a filter effect. These are AR (alternative reality) effects that overlay your face, and often take the form of quizzes that generate a random answer about you: What musical theatre show are you? What language are you? What’s your 2020 mood? Which pokemon are you?

These aren’t new to online culture – hello, buzzfeed quizzes – but with insta stories and the rise of easily accessible AR, they have become more pervasive, intimate, and visceral: an actual layer on your face.  In 2020, as we stared at ourselves on screens more than ever before, these effect quizzes became constant, bite-sized parts of our life: small anchors for ourselves, to sort of tell us who we are.

There’s a humour and poignancy to these effects too that explains their popularity – they’re not deep pronouncements on character, there is no way they could be – but they allow us to expand or narrow ourselves through random generation. And to show others this too; as if to ask in a way that’s both fun and somehow fraught  – is this result right? is there something in me that you see here?

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19 March, 2021