Let’s Take Over programmes The Réveillon Let’s Take Over programmes The Réveillon

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Let’s Take Over programmes The Réveillon: A riot, a rebellion, a festival.

The Réveillon is a one-time only, four-hour festival held at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre by nine 15-25 year old emerging artists.

Free and accessible, it’s an evening out for all with a perfect blend of celebration and revolution – because why shouldn’t they exist as one?

The Réveillon is an ode to history which only looks forward. A time capsule of sound, a deconstruction and reconstruction, a dance, a show, a ball, a gift, a band, a room where the walls can touch you. Come and breathe with a bygone building, and a modern building; come and breathe with a story so absolute it already lives in you.

But why should I tell you anything?

Let’s Take Over programs The Réveillon. Saturday 2 March 5pm – 9pm. Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre.

Come and see for yourself.

Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre

Saturday 2 March, 2019

5pm – 9pm





Time Event About
5:00pm – 5:15pm Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony As the first event of the2019 Darebin Arts Speakeasy season and the opening of Let’s Take Over’s The Réveillon, we invite you to join us in experiencing in a very special Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.


5:15pm – 7:45pm The Opener A busking-style line-up of young, independent acts assembling for one night only. Featuring: Adeline & xadjolifto, Phat Bird & Kat O Army.
5:15pm – 7:45pm Hand Me Downs We invite you to immerse yourself in an intimate and surreal interactive audio installation.

It dissects what we leave behind and the environments we exist within, in a multi-dimensional space full of surprises.

This is not suitable for anyone with severe latex allergies or is afraid of hands.


5:15pm – 7:45pm Come Dance with Us What’s a better way to meet someone than at a dance party? Come Dance With Us is an open invitation to share the dancefloor with the nine exceptional young artists who programmed The Réveillon.

Wear your dancing shoes.


5:15pm – 7:45pm Cataclysmic Delight You are invited to transform your ordinary household objects into extraordinary unique wearable art. Take a journey of tactile domesticity. Bring something from home, anything.


5:15pm – 9pm A Gift A Gift is a private, invitation-only performance occurring at an undisclosed location somewhere within Northcote Town Hall. It explores objects, gifting and the things we leave behind. Participants will be randomly selected and asked to participate throughout the event. If a stranger asks to share a cup of tea with you, it’s probably a good idea to say yes.


6:00pm – 6:50pm Hip Hop workshop Learn Hip Hop with the young crew from Urban Youth in a 50 minute masterclass. Bring your friends or join complete strangers, and dance to you drop.


6:50pm – 7:50pm A Mayoral Ball They seem perfect, but something’s not quite right. They’ve tried, but the facade is slipping. The world is changing. Something’s gotta give.

Mayoral Ball is an interactive dance performance and half-way satirical recreation of mayoral balls once held at the Northcote Town Hall from the 1800s onwards. Mimicking the past but speaking to the future, Mayoral Ball is an intensive, eerie experience, leaving audiences to question their own historical nostalgia and inherited privilege.

May we have this dance?


7:55pm – 8pm Northcote Town Hall Symphony The sounds of The Réveillon will be collected to create The Northcote Town Hall Symphony, a musical time capsule. While you watch, one very talented music producer will edit a together a track in only 2 hours and 15 minutes. The clock is ticking. Make sure you are in the Main Hall at 7:55pm to listen to what is created!


8:00pm – 9:00pm Drag of Narrm Narrms Blak Excellence in a show of queer, deadly drag and art Stone Motherless Cold brings you into the world of the Drag of Narrm featuring a line-up of some our most exciting emerging first nations drag artists.


Let’s Take Over Producers

Calie Russell – Age 14

Calie is a hard working member of FReeZA in Darebin. She was artist liaison at the festival ‘A Weekend For Everybody’ that was held at Northcote Town Hall this year. She also helped out with the Decibels indie showcase at the Northcote social club also this year as the stage manager. Calie enjoys those two roles because it’s hard working just like herself and also loves to help others, she has a creative mindset and imagination. Her interests are photography, FReeZA, and dance. Calie is excited to be helping out all the 10 young people with the let’s take over program and can’t wait to get started.

Aidan Knight – Age 15

Aidan is a songwriter and music producer based somewhere south of Melbourne. He is currently studying year 10, and runs a non-funded independent record label from his laptop, providing a platform for young alternative artists to reach a wider and more diverse audience, while still maintaining the independence they deserve. Aidan has a passion for art in all it’s forms, and focuses his pursuits on building and strengthening a community of artists and like-minded people of the next generation. On the side, Aidan dabbles in poetry, and audio engineering, as well as photography and editing.

Zadie McCracken – Age 16

Zadie McCracken is a Melbourne-based student and writer. In 2015, she self-published a set of poems and short stories, and was shortlisted for The Somerset National Novella Writing Competition. Zadie participated in YWCA Victoria’s 2017 Dear Diary event as a panellist and presenter, and was shortlisted for the Slade Literary Award in the same year. Since the age of fifteen, Zadie has been published in several magazines, including August Blue Magazine, My Period Story, Ramona Magazine For Girls and Rosie.

Andy Phan – Age 17

My name is Andy Phan, and I’m 17 years old. I am currently studying TAFE at Northern College of the Art and Technology. I am a dancer who dreams to run his own studio one day, dancing is my life and passion. I want to learn more about marketing and revenues that Melbourne has to offer. On top of that, exploring my own potentials and limitation.

Klari Agar – Age 19

Klari Agar is an emerging visual artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). Her work is multi medium and based around the concepts of time and motion. Klari was involved with the founding of Fledgling Magazine and has had photographic works featured in other Naarm-based magazines including Verve and Good Material. Klari was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Top Shots at the Monash Gallery of Art in 2016. Also in 2016, Klari was given an Honourable Mention at the Deakin University Capture Art and Performance Exhibition, Project Space, Geelong. Klari has had her work exhibited in various group exhibitions and galleries in Naarm, Including Girlhood, group show in the Old Bar, Fitzroy in 2017 and at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), end-of-year group exhibition, Arts Space in 2017.

Tré Turner – Age 20

Tré Turner is an Arrernte drag performer/ queer artist, currently residing in Naarm. A student at the University of Melbourne, completing a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Linguistics and Sociology). Since discovering the drag scene in 2017, they have performed mostly around Fitzroy. Performing under the guise of Stone they celebrate and focus on WOC artistry and clubkid aesthetics.

Jessica Phippen – Age 21

Jessica Phippen is a contemporary artist, jeweller, and object maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Her practice explores ephemerality, domesticity, beauty and the grotesque. What pulls you in and what thrusts you away in pure disgust. Playing with the fine line of beauty and repulsion that is easy to cross but more enjoyable to mingle with. Experimentation is an immensely important part of Phippen’s practice, challenging the expectations of materiality, the notion and supposed limitations of jewellery. How one wears their body and exists within it. How creating objects to be worn on the body influences that.

Phuong  Lam – Age 22

Phuong is a current arts management student at RMIT who has previously studied international studies at Swinburne as her undergraduate degree. She is passionate in music, having studied violin in high school and founded/presided a music production club at university called Soundfreqs @ Swinburne.

Samantha Martin – Age 24

Samantha is a young arts manager hailing from Perth WA – the most geographically isolated capital city in the world. Having worked the past 6 years in festival tents and offices, she’s recently settled in Melbourne to work with the circus. She was a founding collaborator in Safer Venues WA, a NFP aiming to reduce sexual harassment and violence in nightlife and entertainment spaces, and continues to advocate for inclusivity in the arts and events sectors.

George Lazaris –  Age 25

George Lazaris is a theatre director, set designer and dramaturg with experience across over 60 productions, having worked at the Hayes Theatre, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Seymour Centre, Butterfly Club and La Mama. George has directed experimental, contemporary and classic plays, cabaret, opera and musical theatre, including Hamlet at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Spring Awakening, An Oak Tree, Misery Loves Cabaret starring Shannen Sarstedt as part of Bondi Feast and the world premiere of the opera Somewhere Between the Sky and Sea at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


Let’s Take Over Programming Manifesto

We are an eclectic collective of multidisciplinary artists committed to creating new perspectives on the world around us. We aim to do this through providing a respectful space that challenges, provokes and inspires agency of both artists and audiences.  

We are interested in fluid journeys. We are storytellers. We create unexpected encounters. We want you to look at things in a new way. We want art that lingers and ask questions, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. We want responsible art.

Our program will be:

  • Accessible, engaging and honest
  • Cohesive, holistic and welcoming
  • Inclusive, interactive and participatory
  • Promote equality, visibility, awareness and criticality
  • Be challenging, provide spaces for reflection and have impact
  • Be community-based
  • Allow audience agency

We will respect the art. We will respect the artists. We will respect the audience.

Image: Let’s Take Over Producers by Sarah Walker