2018 – 2019 Arts Partnership Initiative Applications

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Council is seeking interest for individual artists and arts organisations, with the aim of creating new partnerships that enable inclusive artistic collaborations to occur within Darebin. The Arts Partnership Initiative contributes to a key ambition of the Creative Darebin Arts Strategy 2014 – 2021; to increase access and meaningful participation the arts for priority communities. Please read the Arts Partnership Initiative Guidelines before beginning your application.

The Arts Partnership Initiative also responds to Council’s ambitions to be:

Thriving: a city where the arts have genuine impact for everyone and has great conditions for creativity and community to thrive through the arts.
Connected: provide options for different communities to connect with each other through art, and for multiple generations within and across communities to participate in shared activities together.
Enterprising: Attracting artists and creative businesses to live and work within Darebin.

You can apply for either Stream 1: Project Partnerships or Stream 2: Key Cultural Organisations.

All funding requests for either stream are capped at $8,000.


Stream 1: Project Partnerships

This stream supports individual artists and creative organisations to engage in projects that enable interesting collaborations between artists and community. Applicants can be based outside of Darebin, but must be engaging Darebin communities in an artistic capacity through their work. It is imperative that Darebin communities are at the centre of the project, and that this drives the work.

Project Partnerships encourage:

* artist-led models of practice which socially engage diverse community

* collaborations that focus on under-represented people and communities

* contributions towards the overall health and well-being of our citizen through activation and animation, across the city

* development of artist’s own learning, practice, career


Stream 2: Key Cultural Organisations

These Partnerships are between the City of Darebin and arts organisations located at an address in the municipality.

The Partnership is designed to support organisations to engage with and diversify their reach to:

*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

* People with disability and their carers

* Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities

* Young People

* Senior Citizens


You should make clear:

* why this Partnership with Council is important now

* strategies you will employ to engage with local diverse communities, as identified above

* how the partnership will develop the practice of key artists involved in your organisation

* how your organisation addresses Council’s key ambitions

City of Darebin believes that by partnering with artists we can achieve better outcomes for our communities. Successful applicants will build a relationship with Council over the year and be invited to regular networking opportunities.

We strongly encourage applicants to familiarise themselves with the Creative Darebin Arts Strategy.

Image: Westside Circus, Arts Partner.