Planning an Event

Events come in many different sizes, and cover a wide range of activities. It may be a small community fete or a large music festival. Whatever size, they have common issues including planning, organisation, safety, insurance, disability access, contingency planning and publicity.

City of Darebin has created an event planning  guide to help event managers and committees plan and manage events successfully and to guide them through the steps they need to take to minimise risk and maximize the likelihood of a well run and successful event.

Darebin has also created  an event planning workbook for outdoor public events held on land owned or managed by City of Darebin with an expected attendance of over 500 people. Organisers are required to complete this document before requesting permission to hold their event, however it is also a useful tool for ensuring all the key planning elements have been considered.

For more information about planning events in Darebin, or to download a copy of the event planning guide and workbook, visit Darebin’s Plan an Event page.