Active Spaces in Darebin

The Active Spaces in Darebin program works with real estate agents, property owners and creative business to transform areas which have an abundance of vacant shops, graffiti tagging and bill posters into economically stimulated and culturally charged destinations.

Active Spaces in Darebin is delivered with a hands-on approach, providing support with:

  • Assistance in finding an appropriate property
  • Negotiating a reasonable rent with the real estate agent or the property owner
  • If required negotiating a short term lease agreement with the option to use our Exclusive Licence Agreement.
  • Business mentoring and business setup 101
  • Marketing , promotion and networking opportunities
  • Information and support with council permits and processes
  • Guidance to find suitable insurance
  • Promotion on our Facebook page and in other Council publications.
  • Small one off grant to assist with start-up costs
  • Negotiating for the right property

Since the program launch we have worked with a broad range of creative businesses that have included:

  • Retail
  • Not-For-Profit projects
  • Social enterprises
  • Co-working spaces
  • Artist’s requiring studio spaces, workshops & rehearsal spaces
  • Shop window galleries & Art exhibitions/installations
  • Artists creating public art and murals

For a full list of creative businesses that have been involved in the program since 2012 click here.

For a full list of artists who have exhibited the work in vacant spaces throughout Darebin since 2012 click here.

The program has identified a number of ‘priority areas’ for activation, the current priority areas are:

  • High Street Preston – from the Preston Council Offices to Bell Street.
  • High Street and Plenty Road, South Preston – from Bell Street to ‘the Junction’ with Plenty Road
  • Plenty Road, South Reservoir – from Shakespeare Avenue to Ethel Grove (Tyler Street).

How to get involved:

Read the Information Sheet  and contact us to discuss your creative project or business idea.

Further Information: 

Brodie Butler-Robey

Business Development

Ph: 8470 8480

or visit the Facebook page


Brodie Butler-Robey Business Development- City of Darebin Ph: 8470 8480 Email: or visit the Facebook page.