This Place

This Place 

10 artists matched to 10 iconic locations in the City of Darebin.

5 weeks to create a new work inspired by place.

A shamelessly local provocation.

The 10 creatives commissioned and the places they are matched to:

Larundel Asylum site, Bundoora         James Button – Multiple Walkley Award winner, novelist journalist, speech writer

3KND Radio station                                   Hannah Donnelly – Writer/DJ/creator of Sovereign Trax

Thornbury Theatre                                    Kutcha Edwards – Winner, The Melbourne Prize for music 2016, singer/songwriter

High St, Reservoir                                      Cath Ferla – Winner Davitt Award for Best Debut Novel, screen writer

Northcote Library                                       Chris Gooch – Winner Lord Mayors Creative Writing award for graphic short story, cartoonist

Darebin Creek                                               Ponch Hawkes – Photographer featured at The Australian National Gallery, National Gallery Victoria, and the State Library

Rucker’s Hill                                                  Sal Kimber – Singer/songwriter

Capp/Robinson Reserve                          Melissa Reeves – Multi award winning playwright, film writer

Merri Creek                                                    Nick Richardson – Writer, adjunct Professor of Journalist at Latrobe University

Carnegie Library, Northcote                 Denise Scott – Barry Award winning comedian/writer, actor


Detailed CV’S of the 10 commissioned artists

The ten new works continue an investigation of Place and celebrate local artists work and practice.

All ten works can be viewed click here.


Elizabeth Welch

Engagement Producer

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