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Darebin Arts Speakeasy 2019 Program

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Are you ready for Darebin Arts Speakeasy 2019 Season? It sure is a dazzler!

Let’s Take Over programmes The Réveillon

A riot, a rebellion, a festival.

The Réveillon is a one-time only, four-hour festival held at the Northcote Town Hall Arts Centre delivered to you by nine 15-25 year old emerging artists.

Saturday 2 March, 2019. Entirely produced and programmed by 9 incredible young people.


Whale by Fleur Kilpatrick & directed by Katrina Cornwall


The ocean is rising. We caused it. We’re going to fix it but someone has to die.

SEASON: 1 – 11 May, 2019

THE CABIN! By Joseph O’Farrell (JOF)

THE CABIN! is a horror show written by kids, for adults. Part David Lynch thriller, part Fright Night drive-in flick, everything from the set, characters and sound has been designed by primary school students for their adult audience in this gory spectacular!

SEASON: 3 – 13 July, 2019


I SEE YOU LIKE THIS by Jessica Wilson, with Matilda Woodroofe and Carla Gottgens

How does your child see you? Give them the camera, and find out.

Often the reluctant subjects of their parent’s cameras; children are asked to smile, look natural, stay still and come in closer.

I See You Like This turns the camera around, children become the art director and their adults the subject. Through this new lens, what will the child’s imagination reveal?

SEASON: 13 -14 July, 2019 Darebin Arts Centre


You Should Be Dancing by Everybody Now!

This is your invitation to party, feel the rhythm, embrace the groove and dance, Darebin dance!

SEASON: 20 – 22 September, 2019


A Normal Child by Disability Slapstick Plan & Ridiculusmus

If there is a new normal, everyone’s crazy and nobody’s ill.

An epic narrative of vast and imperfect comedic proportions, A Normal Child navigates the intricacies of disability representation in a daring, funny, and complex work.

SEASON: 23 October – 2 November, 2019


Taking the Waters by Lemony S Puppet Theatre

Three sisters gather together after many years apart. One of them is dying.

In this complex world, old patterns of behaviour play out, old wounds are re-exposed and ultimately, a new reality where three becomes two must be found.

Created in collaboration with internationally celebrated artist Kyoko Imazu, singer-songwriter Susannah Espie and Lemony S Puppet Theatre, Taking the Waters is a visually stunning, aching and humorous examination of the absurdity of life and death.

SEASON: 20 – 30 November, 2019


30 January - 30 November, 2019


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