The Meaning Happens Here by Hassan Kalam Abul

Note: Click on the game to activate it, then use your arrow keys to navigate. Best viewed on desktop with headphones/audio.

I don’t believe that tech will save us. Or, not technology alone, not without a wide-ranging reappraisal of the values we bring to designing and discussing it, and a long, harsh look at who the “we” in that statement is. This past year has been an odd one, for so many reasons; but a confluence of reckonings has made more apparent the incompatibility of endless growth (see scalability, see capitalism, see western imperialism) with functioning human community in even the shortest of terms. There are certain things that do not stay meaningfully alive past a certain size – (and in the game I explore one space – gig culture in northcote a decade ago – that embodies this for me) – and maybe they shouldn’t. And technology seems to be accelerating that process across arenas. That being said, there are reasons the impulse to use the master’s tools exists. It really does feel as though the digital helps us connect, make memories together, just often enough for us to reach for it in the moment, again and again.

About Hassan

Hassan Kalam Abul is a writer, artist, and editor living on unceded Wurundjeri land in the city of Darebin. Their work has been published by Liminal, Running Dog, The Lifted Brow, and Subbed In, amongst others. Witness their short-lived and scattered practices at: