by Anuraag Bhatia & Patrick Hase

What is the allure of shared musical experiences? Can livestreams express the embodied specificities of ‘live’ performance? The highlight of offline music experiences are often moments of shared communion – the interplay between yourself, other listeners/dancers, DJs and performers – a symbiotic enmeshing of your reactions to the music and environment informing the behaviour of those around you.  reinterprets aspects of listening experiences, channeling the synergy between DJ and listener (or dancer) to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Together we can explore which aspects of IRL live experience are translatable to the URL.

Thuis event occured on 5th of March.

An excerpt of the live-stream can now be viewed below. This is a recording of DJ Anuraag’s set from phase 2 of

Phase 1: Audience members clicked through to for  Phase 1 of the experience. In Phase 1, you as a listener can meaningfully engaged and informed the collective construction of the online space to come in Phase 2. Your input in Phase 1 directly set the stage for the experience we created in Phase 2.

Phase 2: A live-streamed and interactive DJ set on a purpose built platform that allows listeners’ collective desire to shape the DJ’s music selections through real time interactions with the online environment.  Audience members returned to the same link at for Phase 2 on March 5th, 7 – 10 pm.

This event was free to attend.

About Anuraag

Anuraag Bhatia is a DJ and core organiser of Cool Room, an artist collective and event series focused on changing conversations around representation and safety in electronic music, while creating a safer space for marginalised peoples to dance. 

About Patrick

Patrick Hase is a media artist/researcher living and working in Naarm, who specializes in digital interactivity, animation and live A/V. His work explores the emotional impact of embodiment in virtual spaces by creating visceral mediated experiences across varying stages and platforms.