Presence Gift by Elijah Dolla

This work is based on the idea of an exchange. Where is it possible? Can it reach through this moment? In what context can we enter it safely and fairly? Share something with me, how was your day. Let’s engage, then I too can share with you, perhaps. We’re interconnected but distant. Is that okay?

Please note that this exchange is capped to the first thirty participants who enter it fully. The form will be deactivated after this point.


Elijah Dolla is a queer Wiradjuri person who was raised on Kulin Nations and continues to reside there. Elijah’s practice includes visual art, written work, installations, performance art and more. These are done with strong recurring themes of colonialism, assimilation, skin colour, gender, mental illness, sexuality, climate change, stolen generations, identity as well as critiquing the Eurocentric western idealised structure that each person in Australia is forced to maintain.