Lexicon by Carissa Lee

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I want people to see that we get to decide how we feel about language and its associations.

Although there are exceptional circumstances where words can be triggering, which I’ve found too; I’ve found it helpful to do some kind of weird reclamation of words where I can. Particularly when I was a kid, and words were used as a way to keep me small. I wanted to fight against these words, by making them mine. I hope this feels like a similar journey for the readers.

Thanks to Vidya Rajan for dramaturgical assistance on this project.

About Carissa
Carissa Lee is a Noongar actor and writer born on Wemba-Wemba country, at the pointy end of completing her PhD. She is currently employed as the First Peoples Editor for The Analysis and Policy Observatory (APO), and her writing has featured in The Guardian, Junkee, Witness Performance and The Conversation.