iiii by Mohamed Chamas

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‘iiii’ approaches an evocation of latent senses by re-posing conceptions of the body. A decreation of the ‘human’ is found in the quiet dissection of organs. What is within is reassessed in fleshy spiritism and called to arise before the user’s screen.

The work unfurls a digital tendril, prompting the user with a static force that oscillates on the borders of performance, poesis and gamification. Conspiratorial themes arise in the implication of ‘extrasensory’ abilities and secretive chains of command that orchestrate the cycles of existence. A suspended trust is requested of users, a trust that may question the way we consider ourselves in relation to our viscera, and the larger structures which reflect our cybernetic selves.


Mohamed Chamas is an artist,  game developer and poet based in Naarm (melbourne) who channels the ‘dijital djinni’; a rewired/rewiring agent for practice-based research. Chamas’ work calls upon magick and mysticism of the ancient past to create fusion and synergy with emerging technologies. This diffractively interfaces with religious studies, ludology, performance, language, and critical and contemporary theory. Chamas’ Virtual Reality (VR) works exist as unsurveilled sites of healing for orientalized bodies; namely  سايبر تصوف (cyber tasawwuf) 2018 and  باب القرين  (Baab Al Qareen) 2020. The former received two Freeplay Independent Games Festival Nominations in 2019 and has exhibited at Testing Grounds, Seventh Gallery, Siteworks and Incinerator Gallery. Chamas has been published in Co-, The Lifted Brow, and the Writing & Concepts Lecture series.