Damp Feelings by Panda Wong

Note: Click on the game to activate it, then use your arrow keys to navigate. Best viewed on desktop with headphones/audio.

During lockdown when everything felt so heavy, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I missed bodies of water, the sensation of floating, and that specific lightness. I decided to write a poem but using Bitsy so that I could create an immersive experience that would prompt the audience to consider their own relationship with bodies of water.  I was thinking about how to translate yearning into a game… and thought about how games allow you to inhabit a world away from the reality. In ‘damp feelings’, players move their way through the game, exploring different feelings, facts and thoughts about water. The soundtrack (created by Felicity Yang), colours and soft images are all inspired by drifting, the haziness of looking at things up from the bottom of a swimming pool & the way light moves across water. I wanted the player to feel carried by the game, just as water carries bodies. 

About Panda 

Panda Wong is a poet, associate editor at The Suburban Review and a 2020 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow. She lives and works on unceded Wurundjeri land. 

Insta: @washedup_retailsuperstar

Twitter: @queen_superchill

Soundtrack composed by: Felicity Yang

Instagram: @fel__yang

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/felicity-yang