Conversations with the Dirt by Liv Fay

Part tutorial, part experimental documentary, Conversations with Dirt is a video essay about soil, clay and paying attention, Liv Fay visually renders their musings on a “really weird year.”

Liv Fay is a white settler, queer, non-binary person who is a multidisciplinary practitioner and producer, working on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung People of the Kulin Nation. Liv is an artist working in painting, comics, ceramics, and video art. They sustain an active practice, consistently generating new works, often exhibited in digital, non-traditional ways. Liv is also an independent film producer, committed to powerful short format work, innovative narratives and new forms of filmmaking that build and sustain radical practices of ethical filmmaking. Their work has been screened at film festivals worldwide and their productions, Great Again and Kids on Fire, both directed by Rafferty Bailey, have received critical acclaim. More recently, Liv has been facilitating creative workshops and coordinating film festivals. When they’re not working on their many projects you can find them pottering in their abundant garden.