How’d you take it? by Masina Coulter

While the butt of many jokes, it is true that Melbourne (Australia) is coffee obsessed. A brief walk down High Street during one of the world’s strictest lockdowns would exemplify such a notion. Local Darebinites would still continue the morning routine of grabbing a take-away coffee at their local café. This way they could maintain the custom of taking a whiff of their freshly ground bean juice through the various bits of cloth that draped across their lower half of their faces. Meanwhile, over in a queer share house not too far from High St, the residents embrace their own way of how they take their coffee. Lockdown was rough, some days it was the only thing worth getting out of bed for.

This was our ode to the bean.

Created by PlanYourLift Production
Masina Tippi Nina Coulter: Director, choreographer, and actor
Karina Aedo: DOP and actor

PlanYourLift Productions is a group of queer women living in Thornbury. Originally created by Masina Tippi Nina in Sydney she moved the machine to Melbourne and has upgraded to become a duo with Karina Aedo hopping on. They create videos around and about their lives or create a visual moving image to express whatever mood/idea they wish to evoke, which is just a fancy way of saying they create videos!

You can watch this video and more on the YouTube channel called ‘PlanYourLift’.