What Do We Do Now? by Nicholas Smith & Jimmy Nuttall

Jimmy Nuttall and Nick Smith have pursued a loosely collaborative practice for close to a decade. They have made clothes and boots together, they have exhibited alongside each other, Nick has played roles in Jimmy’s films and they have cohabited studio spaces. During lockdown, they have been sharing printed material via post (magazines, knitting patterns, photographs, A4 colour inkjet printouts, tourist pamphlets etc). This material has been used to produce collages that are sent back and forth between Jimmy in regional Victoria and Nick in Melbourne. Their online exhibition takes its title from a fragment of collage, a still shot from gay porn where the actors’ subtitled dialogue asks the question What do we do now? This is asked after all pleasure has been had and with a hesitant uncertainty about what comes next. Nick and Jimmy’s rolling scrapbook has been used as a frame for their desires, moving between the saturated and relentless capitalist gay imagery of their online algorithms and search histories, and the aesthetic worlds of homemaking, art history, romance (in all its meanings) and catholic iconography.