PLANT (879 pages, 33 days) by Ruth Höflich

Partial segments of a green tropical plant, the image is taken at night with a flash leaving some of the plant’s green to appear shiny and other parts to show a degraded image - quality and ‘noise’


During the 1980s, the transcript of a witch trial was found in the archive of a family property in south-west Germany. Plant (879 pages, 33 days) unfolds a conversation between mother and daughter that switches between the historical facts of the trial, and personal, ancestral connections to the site. Images of the persecution are absent and replaced by the physical and sensorial presence of photographs––volatile surfaces, scrolled, held, punctured and seeded into circulation as possible receptors for intergenerational transmission.

Please note the current work displayed on this site is a teaser. The full work is temporarily unavailable due to its success at the Rotterdam Film Festival and will be available for viewing again here from Feb 10.

Melody Paloma has made a creative response to this work. To view Melody’s work, click here.