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S by C!RCA


Darebin Arts Speakeasy presents S by C!RCA

S is sinuous, seductive, sophisticated, sensual and savage.

Inspired by the shape, grammatical functions and sound of the 19th letter of the alphabet, S will fill the stage with the raw immediacy of performers at their physical and emotional limits.

A powerfully emotive work, S celebrates C!RCA’s essential manyness – a physical ode to plurality that extends the possibilities of human strength and flexibility through the daring interplay of complex acrobatics. The ensemble will fill the stage with a beautiful mélange of bodies performed to intoxicating music from Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen & the Kronos Quartet.

27 – 29 May 2014
Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre



NWF 2014 Terminal 853x578

Presented by Speakeasy and Next Wave Festival

An intimate and surreal new opera, Terminal explores ideas of genetic memory, recurring dreams and the relationship between personal and collective health.

Scored for two performers with live electronics, the work follows a man who wakes to his own dream world in order to confront the Rat, a figure associated with disease but also the unfailing will to survive.

Inspired by fragments of the composers own dream diary, the opera unfolds in a series of vignettes as the man creates and becomes trapped in his own dreams. An opera without voices, this delicate world is built from subtle sonic interactions between live and pre-recorded sounds.

1-11 May 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Winds of Woerr

NWF 2014 Winds of Woer

Speakeasy and Next Wave present Winds of Woerr

Long, long time ago, before time… On myriads of floating islands, on the vast ocean that changed its colours as the day went on, in amongst the yellow sand bars, by beautiful and dangerous coral reefs, the ancestors lived.

Stories of the Creation Era tell of how the Torres Strait Islands were created and how their myths and legends began. Bringing to life the stories of her family and her ancestors, choreographer Ghenoa Gela tells the tale of the Winds of Woerr. The four winds of the Torres Strait – Kuki, Sager, Naigai and Zay – marked for her people the passage of time and the coming and going of the seasons.

With the support of her family and elders, Ghenoa takes her place as storyteller, sharing her traditional stories and continuing the oral history of her people.

Image credit – Image © MB Zobardi 2013

6 – 11 May 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Smell You Later

NWF 2014 Smell You Later

Speakeasy and Next Wave present Smell You Later.

Smell You Later is a series of scent-based encounters embedded within Next Wave Festival venues. Winding through corridors, stairwells, lobbies and entryways, the project invites audiences to enhance the non-visual and create unique scent-based Festival memories.

In the Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne artist Bill Noonan’s hacked aroma diffusers will secrete from above and alongside performance space entrances. Meanwhile, scented pomades created by Perth collaborators Grace Gamage and Olivia O’Donnell can be discovered in the bathrooms.

Smell You Later aims to deliver unique and unparalleled artwork experiences over the course of the Festival. Sniff out the trail and become a scent ambassador for the Festival’s signature fragrance as you travel from venue to venue.

1 – 11 May 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Deep Soulful Sweats

Live Art Dance Party

Speakeasy and Next Wave present Deep Soulful Sweats – Peaks of Phantasm

Lose yourself in dark yogic disco.  A little bit yoga, a little bit Jane Fonda, a little bit interpretive dance, a little bit deep house. Exorcise through exercise, embracing the inner chaos, the darkness and the light. EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE come down together from their lofty domains in a procession toward transcendence.

Worlds End Press DJ’s will be lord of the decks, dressed in white. Sarah Aiken (Air), Rebecca Jensen (Water), Janine Proost (Earth), and Natalie Abbott (fire) will be your elemental ambassadors, taking you through a landscape of meaningful asanas, through the darkness of dirty house discothèque, over the hills of fancy footwork and into the valleys of hard hitting tribal rhythms.

You don’t want to miss this.

24 April 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Stella Young in Tales From the Crip


A Melbourne International Comedy Festival event presented by Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy.

Saturday 12 and 19 April 5PM

In her much anticipated debut show at Melbourne International Comedy Festival Stella, editor of ABC’s Ramp Up and as seen on Q&A and elsewhere, will dig deep into life on four wheels.

She promises not to ‘inspire’ you.

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“[A] stand out performance from straight talking Stella Young…a great comic.” Herald Sun (review of Political Asylum)

Directed by Nelly Thomas

2 – 20 April 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Nelly Thomas is Pleasntly Furious

Nelly Thomas

A Melbourne International Comedy Festival event presented by Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy.

Award-winning performer, author and star of Political Asylum, Nelly Thomas, returns to the Comedy Festival with a new show about all the things that she enjoys being annoyed by. Political, but rarely correct, Nelly tells it like it is.

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“Erudite, earthy and entirely unemployable. [R]eally very funny.” Four stars, Helen Razer, The Age.

“The Future’s in good hands.” Chaser Festival Newspaper.

1 – 19 April 2014
Northcote Town Hall


The Robot That Kept Killing Me…


A Melbourne International Comedy Festival event presented by Speakeasy.

Part rock-opera! Part sketch show! All cop! (Except for the cop part.)

“A brilliant fusion of comedy, music and theatre, it’s a wonderful experience. Featuring beautiful song-writing and expert musicianship you willl be tapping your toes as well as laughing heartily.” Squirrel Comedy.

1 – 18 april 2014
Northcote Town Hall


FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out


A Melbourne International Comedy Festival event presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy.

One woman, ten characters and a radio studio, Zoe McDonald has the FOMO, aka the fear of missing out!

A member of Present Tense, the dynamic theatre making ensemble behind Chants des Catacombes and Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert, McDonald portrays a parade of radio talkback callers, guests and a one-time famous announcer.

‘It’s tempting to think of McDonald as a member of the Fast Forward team born a generation too late’ The Age.

‘McDonald embodies each of these different personalities with such precise and perfect physicality
and mannerism that she can evoke uproarious laughter with just the tilt of her head. Her energy seems truly boundless as she swaps between the large cast non-stop for the entire show!’

After a swag of rave reviews and an award for her Melbourne Fringe debut, FOMO returns to Melbourne fresh from a stellar season at the Adelaide Fringe, under the direction of Present Tense artistic directors Bryce Ives and Nathan Gilkes

‘FOMO is a deeply engaging, rewarding and unbelievably hilarious show’ Aussie Theatre.

Suitable for ages 15+

Contains coarse language, adult themes

28 March – 13 April 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Sameena Zehra: Tea With Terrorists

Sameena Zehra 1

A Melbourne Comedy Festival event presented by Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy.

Edinburgh and Camden Fringe sell out! A rollercoaster ride of captivating storytelling comedy. Straddling two very different cultures, planning the perfect murder, being an atheist in a religious, liberal family, visiting war-torn Kabul, and having tea with terrorists in Kashmir.

“Great verve…funny…clever…entertaining.” Four stars, Adelaide Advertiser.

Four stars – Metro (UK)

Five stars – The Latest (UK)

26 March – 13 april 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Cheek to Cheek: an ASRC Benefit


A Melbourne International Comedy Festival event presented by Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy and Seesault.

An afternoon big band baguette, with a touch of ballroom, G & Tea and cucumber sandwiches.

Fred Astaire has lived in the hearts of generations; for one afternoon only Cheek to Cheek will celebrate the music that has had us tapping our toes through the decades in a very special Comedy Festival event.

Join some of Melbourne’s favourite performers and musically swayed comedians as they re-imagine the classic and legendary songs of Fred Astaire. It will be a fine romance as we dance cheek to cheek for this one-off afternoon fundraiser delight, in the charming setting of the Northcote Town Hall.

The bar will be open, and light food served. Dress code for guests: Saturday best!

Hosted by Tina Del Twist.

All money raised goes direct to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Proudly supported by Auspicious Arts Projects

Gin generously supplied by Sipsmith

Guests include:
Die Roten Punkte, Scott Edgar, Andrew McLelland, Mikelangelo and St Clare, Geraldine Quinn, Randy, Em Rusciano, Yon (Tripod) and The Glittery Tapping Wonderland Dancers PLUS MORE to be announced!

12 April 2014
Northcote Town Hall


A Simple Space by Gravity and Other Myths



Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy presents A Simple Space by phenomenal Gravity & Myths.

Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is recognised as one of the most exciting circus ensembles in Australia, creating work that is highly physical, innovative and unique. Following on from their critically acclaimed and widely toured production Freefall, their latest offering, A Simple Space, has already attracted attention for all the right reasons. This new work premiered at the 2013 Adelaide Fringe Festival to rave reviews, sell-out houses, standing ovations, and an award for Best Circus. Watch this exciting physical ensemble on the rise performing awe-inspiring displays of strength, skill and creativity.

A dizzying collection of works in new circus; raw, frantic and honest.  You become intimate with the stripped back stage where seven acrobats are pushed to their physical limits, breaking down their usual guards and exposing the reality of failure and weakness. Evoking real and visceral responses in audiences A Simple Space is a truly unique experience not to be missed.

“A total triumph” – The Guardian

★★★★★ – Edinburgh Guide

18 – 22 March 2014
Northcote Town Hall


The Wau Wau Sisters: Death Threats (and other forms of flattery)


Presented by Speakeasy

The Wau Wau Sisters’ career-long celebration of the flesh, sex, booze, chaos, freedom and love for all has garnered them adoring audiences and awards all over this beautiful world!

So exultant, inclusive and deliciously profane are their shows that they have even brought the crazies and religious protestors out of their hovels to issue that one form of flattery even more powerful than an award…a DEATH THREAT!

What happens to your beloved, brave and bawdy Wau Waus when someone threatens their lives?? Well, it looks like 5 star hotels and reviews, police escorts, a reason to frisk every audience member and six hunky detectives at their beck and call!! (Everyone knows well-behaved women don’t make history).

Would The Wau Wau Sisters die for you? They are armed with charms, cocktails and stories to share that you won’t believe! Come to the show ready to receive the unrivalled, uninhibited and irreverent joy that is, the Wau Wau Sisters!!

‘Irreverent, sacrilegious, foul-mouthed and uninhibited’ New York Times

‘The Wau Wau Sisters… are utterly fearless’ The Skinny, UK

‘A never-ending fast-burning surge of lusty energy and heart-felt passion that could power eternity’ DB Magazine, Australia

‘Sassy, salacious, sacrilegious and very funny’ The Herald Sun

‘They don’t push boundaries, they shatter them’ Edinburgh Fringe Report

18 – 22 January 2014
Northcote Town Hall


Arden v Arden, by The Hayloft Project


Taking an anonymously conceived play from 1592, Arden v Arden pulls the ruff off Elizabethan verse and rebirths it for the here and now. Contemporary characters and language clash with ye olde bloody murder in a brazen experiment that compares our past with our present, finding light and darkness in both. Arden of Faversham is a blackly comic tale about a woman and her lover conspiring to murder her husband. Populated by the poor and the rich, bald-faced villains and fallen angels, the play continues to defy expectations of morality, gender, and devotion, even four and a half centuries after the events on which it is based.

The Hayloft Project returns to the Northcote Town Hall in a theatrical skirmish in the tradition of 3xSisters and By Their Own Hands. Arden v Arden is two plays vying for supremacy. One is a modern Australian study of love, wealth, and ruthlessness; the other, drawn from the Shakespearean apocrypha, is known as the first domestic tragedy in the English canon. The characters are the same, more or less, though four centuries and half a globe separate them from one act to the next.

Arden V Arden
Written by Anonymous and Benedict Hardie
Partially adapted from Arden of Faversham (1592)
Directed by Benedict Hardie

Set and Costume Designer Charlotte Lane
Lighting Designer Amelia Lever-Davidson
Sound Designer Alister Mew
Producer Rebekah Berger
With Paul Blenheim, Stefan Bramble, James Deeth, Tom Dent, Brigid Gallacher, Tariro Mavondo, Sarah Ogden, Gareth Reeves, Naomi Rukavina, Anna Samson, Emily Tomlins
Stage Manager Harriet Gregory
Production Manager Bron Belcher

22 November – 8 December 2013
Northcote Town Hall




Darebin Arts Speakeasy and Black Hole Theatre Present:


Following the success of Black Hole’s groundbreaking puppet slams in Melbourne, Castlemaine, Maldon and Newport, ARIA! brings you two sumptuous nights of opera and eye-opening puppetry, combined in ways you might never have imagined. Some of Australia’s finest puppeteers are creating new short works around much loved operas – Madame Butterfly, Rusalka, Faust, Love of 3 Oranges to name just a few. Presented in the main hall of the Northcote Town Hall – they will follow one another on table tops, float above your heads, or be projected against the walls, interspersed with live arias from surprise guests seated amongst you. Additional music will be provided by pianist Dave Evans, and the night will be directed by our MC Bernard Caleo. You will be invited to move around between events, to light some with handheld torches, and to enjoy refreshments throughout the night from the bar. A special event – light up your night. Don’t miss it!

8 –  9 November 2013
Northcote Town Hall



Darebin Arts Speakeasy and Phantom Limbs presents:

TRTH+FNTSY, a new double bill from experimental dance makers Phantom Limbs.

Guest choreographer Luke George has created a Fantasy Solo for Five. 5 performers share a solo and shape-shift between the real and the imagined.

Amy Macpherson, James Welsby, Natalie Abbott, Rebecca Jensen, and Ally Larielle, have collaboratively created the second piece, TRUTH, which melds individual practice with collective autobiography.

2 – 5 October 2013
Northcote Town Hall


A Chekhov Triptych


Darebin Arts Speakeasy and A Family of Strangers presents:


You wake up. It’s freezing. You taste like an ashtray. You smell like a brewery. But they’re playing your song.

Three of Chekhov’s extraordinary one act plays: The Dangers of Tobacco, The Bear andSwan Song.

Featuring live music, an original score and grandeur design, A Chekhov Triptych brings together some of Melbourne’s finest artists in celebration of one of theatre’s most important storytellers.

‘All hopes must rest on those stupid amateurs who are going to produce my Bear.’ Anton Chekhov

24 September –  5 October 2013
Northcote Town Hall

Private Dances


Speakeasy Presents
Private Dances 
By Nat Cursio Co.

Private Dances is all about intimate encounters with dance: private performances, tiny spaces and damn good dancing. Audiences are invited to eat, drink, and work their way through a formidable selection of live dance and dance on screen.

With a satisfying mix of exquisite work by top-notch dancers, choreographers and dance film makers, Private Dances treats viewers to close-up experiences with the textures, rhythms and nuances of the expressive physical body. Including live dance and screen works by: Atlanta Eke, Gabrielle Nankivell + Luke Smiles, Sue Healey, Appiah Annan, Efren Pamilacan, Fiona Bryant, Lily Paskas, Soo Yeun You, Sam Fox, James Welsby, Hasini Wickramasekera, Frankie Snowdon, Kristy Ayre + Nick Roux and Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal.

Private Dances is an immersive, celebratory and social event centred around performances and mini-films that are culturally diverse – taking in styles such as Hip Hop, Indian Classical, West African and Traditional Korean, alongside conceptual and contemporary choreographies.

Curator / Creative Director: Nat Cursio Co.
Set Design: Kat Chan
Lighting Design: Rose Connors Dance
Maitre D: Simon Kingsley Hall
Production Manager: Emily O’Brien
Produced by Insite Arts

28 – 31 August 2013


Content for the remainder of Speakeasy’s 2013 season is still under construction and will be available soon.
For more information, please contact Speakeasy.


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