Public Art Commissions

The Nest by David Bell and Gary Tippett. Image by Shane Griffiths.

In 1996 Darebin City Council embarked on one of the most ambitious public art programs in Australia outside a central business district. After nearly two decades the City of Darebin has earned an impressive reputation for enhancing its urban landscape with innovative public art projects.

In 2012, Gary Tippett and David Bell’s stunning piece ‘The Nest’ was installed in the Darebin Parklands in Fairfield. In 2014, a newly commissioned artwork will be installed in Ray Bramham Gardens in Preston, after which consultation will begin for another piece. The shortlisted works for this project can be viewed here. 

Our full collection can be viewed on our Public Art page.

To view Beyond Fido, the Darebin Public Art Strategy, see the Arts Policies and Strategies page.

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