I have been working from my home studio in Thornbury since 2009. Back then I was mostly a graphic designer and worked with corporate clients. I got a bit bored doing that work, so I slowly I moved into the world of illustration. I studied visual arts before I became a graphic designer so the creativity was there just waiting to come out and I started practicing under the name Lemon Chicken Por Favor – I needed a quirky name to go with the artwork style that I was creating and I thought my actual name was too boring to go with it!

I do a mixture of illustration and design work. Some of my favourite things to work on are product packaging, magazine editorials, fun posters and information graphics. I have created 2 murals that have been Council commissions in Thornbury and illustrated the front cover of Darebin’s n-Scribe magazine. 

What have I been working on during COVID-19?

Surprisingly, during the first Covid lockdown I had quite a bit of work and was busy illustrating a 20-metre printed wall for offices in Sydney. I also did a magazine front cover and a poster for a children’s magazine and artwork for a Great Ocean Road tea towel. On top of this I was home schooling my two little girls, so life was quite hectic to stay on top of my deadlines! Since then the work-load has dropped off a little but it’s still trickling in – I feel very privileged.

How has COVID-19 affected my practice?

The long days of the Covid lock down has forced me to revisit personal artwork that was started but then abandoned. I have been working on an illustrated kids zine (small magazine) for middle readers called GoGo that I aim to release in November. I’m also working on a series of lino cuts that I plan to exhibit next year. Illustrators always have a project on the go, it’s part of our natural personal development to improve our work skills and push the boundaries in the communication arts.

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