My husband and I are Darebin-based artists, and I am part of a collective that is keeping busy during this time, by creating online content in conjunction with a City of Melbourne COVID response grant.

TLC Collective comprises of 3 women writer/director/performers and this is our first collaboration as the TLC collective. Teresa Conicella is based in Newcastle, Chloe Perrett in Fitzroy and myself, Letitia Tseng in Darebin. We had originally planned to collaborate in person every month, with Teresa flying down to work with us regularly. But…COVID hit!

Many of our artistic colleagues were out of work and we were no longer able to collaborate in a conventional sense.  So, with the help of a City of Melbourne grant, The Untouchables was born. We started interviewing people in the community from all walks of life about their experiences during lock-down. We then converted those interviews into monologues. We enlisted 11 actors and one translator to work with an assigned director and create these monologues for online viewing. And now, we dispatch a monologue once a week, telling the extraordinary tales of ordinary people.

We all get to collaborate still, and up-skill ourselves and the actors in this new digital performance norm.

Here’s a link to our channel: