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Technician's Choice

3 May - 6 Aug, 2017

Technician’s Choice honours the important yet often overlooked role of the technician in exhibition-making. It interrogates the role of the Curator and notions of authorship within the development of exhibitions and presentation of artists’ works. It also calls into question the nature of authority within the gallery system. In this exhibition, technicians who are also artists will be...

Paul Handley - Vests

21 Jun - 6 Aug, 2017

New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based inter-disciplinary artist Paul Handley presents a new site specific installation especially for Bundoora Homestead. Within the historic walls of this grand homestead, the artist will challenge and provoke the audience to confront the ongoing global plight of refugees escaping displacement from their homelands. In June 2016, the artist travelled to the Greek...

Skin Thing

23 Jun - 6 Aug, 2017

Skin is a living organism that contains humans and many animals. It can be decorated with ink or ravaged by disease. At times, it is reconfigured into commodities such as belts, shoes or jackets. As a surface, it has been endlessly explored through painting, sculpture and photography. Skin also forms a crucial pivot within the human debates concerning gender, race and body image. Skin Thing...

Skin Thing - Engage

24 Jun - 14 Jul, 2017

Skin is a living organism. It can be decorated with ink or ravaged by disease; it can become a commodity. It is a surface that has been endlessly explored through painting, sculpture and photography. Skin forms a crucial pivot within the debates concerning gender, race and body image. Join us for: The Exhibition Launch from 2-4pm on Saturday 24 June. Help celebrate this exhibition...

Darebin Art Prize Entries Open

27 Jul, 2017

The $10,000 Darebin Art Prize is a biennial multi-medium award for excellence in contemporary visual art. It is open to Australian citizens or permanent residents residing primarily in Australia. It is an acquisitive award with a $1,000 People’s Choice Award. All visual art forms are welcome. KEY DATES Entries due: 5pm, 27 July Finalists notified by 8 September 2017 Finalists...

Dana Harris - Survey

9 Aug - 22 Oct, 2017

Dana Harris is obsessed with mapping and drawing space as a way of simultaneously marking physical space and marking time to reveal and understand their connections. She researches information from many different fields including the fields of science, history, design and architecture, searching for interesting connections to explore. Operating like a detective, Dana intimately examines...

Hayley Millar - My Mirring

9 Aug - 22 Oct, 2017

In My Mirring Hayley Millar explores her deep connection to land and highlights the contemporary Indigenous experience of Country. For Hayley, it’s from within the Australian bush that answers to personal issues are provided: for growth, for clarity, for satisfaction and for cleansing. In this photographic series, Hayley explores narratives of Australian history through a postcolonial lens....


9 Aug - 22 Oct, 2017

Contemplating the quiet moments when we consciously pause and ruminate before ‘busy’ takes over, Keepsake explores the personal moments found in our urban environments and strives to capture small moments of the sublime in the everyday. In a unique combination of painting and jewellery practices, Keepsake showcases intimate oil paintings on copper by Kirrily Hammond and contemporary...

Aaron Claringbold - Confluence

12 Aug - 22 Oct, 2017

In Confluence Aaron Claringbold investigates non-Indigenous relation to place and connection to land in light of his personal heritage and a sense of being complicit in the ongoing colonisation of Australia. He explores the Birrarung and the Merri Merri Creeks as a confluence — a coming together and merging of movement and flow in a broad sense. The exhibition is based on the consideration...

Carly Fisher - From Little Things Big Things Grow

12 Aug - 22 Oct, 2017

Carly Fischer’s latest sculptural installation reflects on how corporations market products towards culturally, environmentally and politically aware Australians. Drawing on the protest song by Paul Kelly, her installation questions whether cultural resistance can escape being appropriated, commodified and sold back to us as gentrified lifestyle packages. Image: Carly Fischer, Make...

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