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Technician's Choice

3 May - 6 Aug, 2017

We're giving a nod to the technicians that install art. We're inviting several who are also artists to select one of their own works. Then for one day they can battle it out to determine which work goes where. Finally the technician can choose where an artwork goes with no input from the curator—pure, exciting bedlam! The featured artists are Fergus Binns, Nicole Breedon, Christian Bishop,...

A Mexican Feast

29 May, 2017

Popular for her monthly taco nights, Juanita from Juanita’s Kitchen will teach you how to make (and eat!) an impressive Mexican meal including perfect tortillas from scratch! Plus tips and ideas for creating quick and easy dips and salsas, recipes and a goodie bag to take home.

Local Legends Series: Maria Echevarria-Lang - Chato: Spanish

29 May, 2017

Join Maria (Chato) to journey through the origins of tapas whilst she cooks some traditional and some variations to this very Spanish way of eating. Salmon, jamon, chorizo and some other not so well known dishes. She may even throw a paella into the mix! Click here to reserve your tickets!  

Sweet Persian Delights - Dessert Masterclass

30 May, 2017

Chef Hamed will share the secrets behind delicious Iranian desserts including rosewater baghlava, sholezard  (saffron rice pudding with roasted rhubarb) and Persian nougat gaz, a sticky candy originating from Isfahan in Iran. Hamed will also teach the group how to make his gorgeous sour cherry jam and all participants will take a sample jar home to enjoy!

Vegan Dips Workshop

30 May, 2017

Presented by Lentil as Anything Our passionate vegan chef Aimee will show you how to make the Trio of Dips as featured on our summer menu. This tasty entrée is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser at your next dinner party. Click here to reserve your tickets!

(Come, eat) II: The Art of Homemade Sambal

31 May - 3 Jun, 2017

Where does the food we eat come from? Uncover and savour the diverse intricacies of homemade sambal and the web of social histories that comes with each recipe at this showcase of recipes of local sambal lovers. Visit the exhibition and join in the storytelling over lunch or dinner!

Explore Indian Spices

31 May, 2017

Join Raman Nakul from Thornbury’s Spice Alley to explore cooking with Indian spices at home. Raman will show you how to cook traditional Indian dishes including turmeric chai and daal bhaat – with a focus on demystifying the use of spices along the way.

Kimchi Workshop

31 May, 2017

Presented by Lentil as Anything Lentil’s superstar catering chef Chase will show you how to make kimchi, a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented cabbage. Bring a large jar. Click here to reserve your tickets!

Local Legends Series: Yoko Inoue - Shoku Iku: Raw Organic

31 May, 2017

Everyone knows we need to eat more real whole foods. Does it mean boring tasteless meals? Yoko from Shokuiku will show you how to make delicious raw vegan meals with ingredients that deliver all the nutrients and enzymes right to your body. Gluten-, dairy- or refined sugar-free, these truly nourishing recipes include zucchini pasta with creamy kale and dairy-free parmesan cheese as well as a...

Maria’s Homemade Pasta Secrets

31 May, 2017

Marco Finanzio’s Umberto Espresso Bar has been serving Darebinites pasta for nearly a decade.  He is proud to be bringing to you the wonderful and adorable Maria Serra.  Maria was born in Salerno (outside of Naples) and moved to Australia in 1966 and has been supplying pasta to some of Melbourne’s great restaurants and cafes for years.  She will show you all her homemade pasta secrets...

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