Cultural Mapping and Creative Cartographies

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Creative Spark is a series of free events exploring, uncovering and celebrating creativity in the City of Darebin. The 2017 March-June series throws a spotlight on our cultural producers, bringing them and their practice secrets from back stage, to centre stage.

Cultural Mapping and Creative Cartographies, with Dr Marnie Badham & Guests

Cultural mapping is a method of inquiry and a methodological tool in social art making, urban planning, and community development that makes visible the ways local stories, practices, relationships, physical memories, and rituals constitute places as meaningful locations.

Historically, maps have also served as tools of colonization, ownership and exclusion. Contemporary artists and cultural development workers use creative cartographies as tools for engagement, understanding relationships, and to draw attention to counter-narratives and the politics of land, place and history.

As an emerging interdisciplinary field, the potential applications for cultural mapping are wide open. A range of creative approaches and practical projects will be shared by various artists, producers and scholars who use cultural mapping in their work as both development tools and also public outcomes.

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17 May, 2017




Merring Studio, 340 Separation Street, Northcote


3 hours

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