Salon of Spirits

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Conjuring the inherent and animistic power of objects, Salon of Spirits channels the psychic unity between the material and the immaterial. Through conduits of spiritualism and surrealism, these objects are seen to have their own lives, to possess their own breath, and careful mediumship awakens them. Presented through a series of strange tableaux, the exhibitors assemble objects from their personal collections, performing sensibilities of aesthetics, memory and functionality. Visions of fine art, heirlooms, documents, photographs, souvenirs, fashion and jewellery construct uniquely totemistic self-portraits of each exhibitor, while stirring the dormant domesticity of Bundoora Homestead.
The artists presented are Brigid Brock, Sue Cramer, Alice Dickins, Alice Edgeley and William Griffiths, Brenton Gaia, Garrett and Will Huxley, Adam Kelleher-Roulston, Marina Perkovich and Jake Treacy.

Curated by Jake Treacy.

Image: Jake Treacy, Spirit Tableau, 2017. Reconfigured found objects. Photograph by Jake Treacy. Courtesy of the artist.

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